My campaign to champion local businesses in Bedfordshire

Why #BuyInBeds was started 

I want to buy more local goods and services, I want to meet entrepreneurs and ask the community in the area to inspire me and show why buying local pays. They need to tell me how amazing their products/services are and to get everyone to write about it. Why? Because writing from the heart with real stories by local people is a very powerful message.

It’s a proven fact that if you see positive reviews online you are more likely to buy that product. Over 10 reviews and the % increases sharply. I’ve spent a long time over the years pushing products and services online and it works. People need a little reassurance sometimes. So that’s why I pledge to meet and write about independent businesses and my blog posts will hopefully give you a small insight into the business world around Bedfordshire and inspire you to do that same thing. I can’t do it on my own and I don’t intend to!

I will not only talk about the products and services the companies offer but also get behind the business and talk to the owners   – why they are based in Bedfordshire, what challenges they face at the moment, how locals can help, and how they help their local community.

So please help spread the word. #BuyInBeds