A delightful sweetshop tucked away in the Arcade, Bedford

I went to visit a lovely sweet shop in Bedford Town Centre and met with one of the owners, Debbie. She was so friendly and really made me feel welcome. Explaining the history of the shop itself and why Arcadia sweetshop is so special in this area.

Arcadia Sweetshop is a family run business and is located in the Arcade. What's nice about this shop is the heritage, the actual shop itself is over 110 years old has been ran as a sweetshop since the Arcade was opened in 1905. This means that they have lots of regulars who have been coming a very long time, and now their children and grandchildren come. It's also the reason why its my first blog post of my new website, whenever I visit the Arcade I always walk by and look fondly on at the amazing selection of sweets inside. Most of which I remember buying as a child, I also smiled when I saw the prices available in quarters (how I used to buy sweets as a child) and now the usual '100g.' My favourite sweets are sherbet pips and sherbet lemons, and of course they have both.

They have won lots of awards since talking on the shop including the Bedford Business Awards in 2016 and have an online shop too, as Debbie was keen to point out to some of her regulars whilst I was in the store. Just select delivery to your home or simply click and collect. I thought this was a great idea and perfect for mums who want to organise a party and need sweets for party bags.


The range in the store was very wide as you would expect from such a traditional store. But it was easy to navigate around and I quickly spotted what I perceived to be the key selling points of the shop, which for me were the beautiful handmade chocolates, the traditional and broad range of classic childhood sweets in traditional jars, the wide range of continental chocolate bars and the penny sweets of course. (my eldest boy's favourite!)

So next time you have a sweet tooth have a wander down to 11 The Arcade, Bedford, MK40 1NS or visit their website https://www.arcadiasweetshop.com/